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Introducing "The Roots Reunion Songwriter Retreat"!

Retreat Mission:

Fostering creativity and community by providing songwriters of all levels multiple opportunities for unique getaways in North Carolina's scenic landscapes. Through workshops and collaboration, we aim to bring artists together for a chance to connect, learn, and create amidst supportive surroundings.

This is an exciting new way to connect with fellow songwriters in a serene, inspiring retreat designed to foster collaboration, creation, and relaxation among like-minded artists. We will be offering multiple opportunities twice a year to experience an immersive songwriters' getaway, each one in a new location featuring the breathtaking landscapes of North Carolina.


What to Expect:


  • Collaborative Workshops: Engage with fellow songwriters in expert-led workshops designed to enhance your skills and spark creativity.

  • Inspiring Surroundings: Find inspiration in the stunning vistas of North Carolina's beaches or mountains, providing the perfect backdrop for your musical endeavors.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse community of songwriters, forging new relationships and potential collaborations.

  • Personal Growth: Expand your musical horizons, gain confidence, and explore new avenues for expression in a supportive and nurturing environment.

  • Flexible Daily Schedules: Enjoy a flexible schedule tailored to your needs, blending scheduled workshops, open mic sessions, delicious meals, and ample free time for personal reflection and exploration!

  • Specialized Work Spaces: Each retreat will include some combination of the following work space rooms: Content & Video Room, Music Only Room, Lyrics Only Room, Silent Room, DIY Recording Room, and Scratch Track Recording Room w/ Engineer.

We are currently gauging the interest and demand for this event. Contacting us through the form at the top of this page will ensure you are in the loop as we release more information on these retreats, including dates and locations! 


The estimated cost for one individual to attend one songwriting retreat will be between $200.00-$300.00 depending on the number of attendees and the chosen location. This covers: property rental, 6 meals, plus on-site hospitality staff and special workshop hosts.


We are planning for 12-16 attendees, depending who is available to attend each unique event. 


Contact us today and share your thoughts!

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